CYBS guarantees excellence in the execution of your projects from beginning to end.

Expert support from evaluation to implementation.

Problem awareness = Opportunity

360-degree assessment covering operations, technology and business, identifying enterprise-wide impacts.

Solutions / Improvements

We create solutions designed to incorporate all relevant key components to maximize success while minimizing disruption.

Agile implementation

Expert leadership / oversight throughout the implementation process.

We offer 3 distinctive payment service lines.


Operational & technological enhancement

We facilitate the technological and operational changes to properly enable innovative solutions, new business functionalities and regulatory compliance.


Technical and operational enablement of payment products.

Selection and implementation of platforms, core banking systems and payment processors.

Enablement of payment schemes’ new standards, certifications and mandates.

Improvement of commercial logistics processes.

Design and improvement of back-office processes and organizations.


Ecosystem transformation

We help define the future of payment methods in the region, facilitating the integration of different stakeholders, their roles, their products and the technological change of the ecosystem.


Multi-entity integration and alignment management of multiple players, regulators and vendors.

Market transformation.

Introduction of disruptive products and practices, e.g., Instant Payments.

Post-merger integration.


Business performance improvement

We improve the profitability of our clients, increasing efficiency and revamping sales management.


Implementation of new sales channels design and improvement of existing ones.

Design and management of portfolio replacement campaigns.

AUR campaigns (Activation, Use, Retention).

Client life cycle management.

Supported by a strong strategic management and implementation capabilities.


Strategic alignment

Internal and external competitive implicationss.

Assessment of technological, operational and implementation alternatives.

Investment / cost analysis.

Identification of IT and organizational gaps.

Development of business case / valuation.


Implementation expertise

IT Readiness.

Operational Readiness.

Payment Schemes Certifications.

Testing Coordination and Execution.

Service / Product Configuration.


Strategic Sourcing.

Performance Monitoring.


Tangible benefits that CYBS brings to its customers.

Time to market:

"End-to-end (E2E) project management with no surprises"

Improved customer experience:

“Capture customers faster and retain them longer, with better products and services”

Strategic positioning:

“Arrive before and better than our competitors”

Better financial results

Improvement in team experience:

“Clarity in processes and work goals”

Peace of mind and security:

“Full compliance, reduction of incidents and penalties”

Thanks to the our well-earned reputation and the trust of our clients, we have had the opportunity to participate in several of the most important technical and operational transformations of the payments industry in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Success stories

We have the necessary resources to carry out your projects, with a strategic and comprehensive approach, anywhere in the world. If you would like to work with a team of experts with 360-degree perspective, contact us and let us help you achieve success.

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